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Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS R2024x FD01 - A Dive into the Latest Enhancements

Unveiling the Future of Design with Priyanka Kanherkar

In the dynamic realm of 3D design and collaboration, the release of Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS R2024x FD01 marks a significant milestone, bringing a host of enhancements and new features to the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio. Priyanka Kanherkar, a luminary in the field, provides an insightful overview of these updates, capturing the essence of innovation that Dassault Systèmes continues to champion.

At the heart of the latest release is the integration of AI-powered features, promising to redefine design workflows by the year's end. Dassault Systèmes isn't new to the AI scene; it has harnessed AI for feature and character recognition within SOLIDWORKS for many years. The incorporation of machine learning algorithms and AI workflow patterns in browser-based design roles like 3D Creator showcases a commitment to enhancing productivity through automation.

Key Enhancements Unveiled:

  • Object Property Editing from Side Panel: Streamline your workflow with the flexibility to make last-minute changes to object properties directly from the MySession view. This feature is a testament to the platform's evolving user-friendly nature.

  • Extended Support for SOLIDWORKS Routing: Enhance collaboration and efficiency with the ability to store and access routing data on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This centralised access point for routing components and assemblies is a game-changer for team projects.

  • Revision Management on First Save: This feature introduces a more strategic approach to data and lifecycle management, allowing users to set the starting point of revision schemes directly from SOLIDWORKS, thus ensuring data continuity.

  • Unified Share Menu: The consolidation of file-sharing methods into a single, accessible menu underlines the platform's emphasis on streamlined collaboration, both internally and externally.

  • Management of Deleted Configurations: Address non-active configurations with ease, thanks to a new system that highlights and provides options for dealing with such configurations effectively.

  • Automated Fix for Broken References: Increase productivity and maintain local changes with an automated system to manage assemblies with deleted references, ensuring that all necessary files are correctly referenced or suppressed for later fixing.

  • Enterprise Item Number (EIN) Counter Value Setting: A new administrative setting enables the creation of consistent part numbering schemes, offering companies flexibility and adherence to organisational guidelines.

Beyond these highlights, the update introduces several other improvements and settings aimed at enhancing data storage, collaboration, and CAD capabilities. Notably, a new welcome dialogue box upon launching SOLIDWORKS from the platform and the ability to clean files before saving to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform through the File Preparation Assistant tool are noteworthy mentions.

Priyanka Kanherkar's comprehensive breakdown of the Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS R2024x FD01 illuminates the path forward for designers and engineers seeking to leverage the power of cloud-connected and browser-based solutions. With a focus on AI integration, enhanced data management, and streamlined collaboration, this update is set to transform how professionals connect, design, and innovate within the 3DEXPERIENCE ecosystem.

For those yet to embrace this revolutionary platform, the flexibility of deployment options ensures a seamless transition, whether you wish to continue with your existing SOLIDWORKS desktop installation or fully integrate into the cloud-enabled environment of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

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