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Mastercam: Powering Precision Prototyping in NOVO's Cutting-edge Design Projects

In the realm of engineering and prototype development, the ability to rapidly iterate and refine concepts is crucial. NOVO Engineering, based in Vista, California, exemplifies this agility. Specialising in engineering for medical devices, life science automation, digital imaging equipment, and commercial products, NOVO has delivered innovative solutions for industry giants like Medtronic, Synthetic Genomics, Hewlett-Packard, and TaylorMade. This blog post explores how Mastercam's suite of CAD/CAM software tools has empowered NOVO Engineering to fabricate innovative prototypes, streamline their design-to-production pipeline, and maintain a competitive edge in various industries, including medical, consumer goods, and energy.

The Challenge: Precision Prototyping with Complex Geometries

NOVO Engineering's focus on research and development necessitates a methodical approach to projects, especially those involving unusual parts with complex geometries and tight tolerances. The task requires careful planning and execution to ensure every prototype meets the rigorous standards expected by clients and regulatory bodies alike.

The Mastercam Solution

NOVO employs Mastercam's Multiaxis, Mill, Lathe, and Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS® solutions to address their prototyping challenges. These tools offer a robust solution for designing and producing high-precision parts necessary for NOVO's diverse project portfolio. The integration with SOLIDWORKS® allows for seamless design changes without the need for extensive reprogramming, while Mastercam's proprietary algorithms keep the tool engaged in the material, achieving the tight assembly tolerances required for NOVO's projects.

The Benefits: Streamlined Prototyping and Enhanced Collaboration

One of the significant advantages of using Mastercam is its ability to adapt quickly to design changes, which is particularly beneficial given NOVO's iterative approach to part development. For instance, when programming optical lens measurement devices, the ability to transfer designs from SOLIDWORKS to Mastercam seamlessly has streamlined the prototype development process. This capability allows for rapid model regeneration and new geometry creation, ensuring that Mastercam can pick up the correct code for machining.

Project Highlights: From Optical Devices to Medical Components

NOVO's projects span a wide range of applications, from drug delivery systems requiring tiny components to optical devices needing tight assembly tolerances. An example of their innovative work includes developing a beam splitter prototype, which required a smooth surface to avoid image distortion while being durable enough to withstand impacts. Through Mastercam, NOVO was able to iterate the design six times efficiently, demonstrating the software's support for rapid prototyping.

Tight Tolerances and Efficient Material Removal

Many of NOVO's projects, particularly in the medical device sector, require machining parts with tight tolerances, sometimes as precise as 0.002 inches. Mastercam's range of toolpath selections and efficient Dynamic toolpaths facilitate the machining of high-precision components, even from unusual materials or with intricate geometries. For instance, reducing machining time for plastic parts from 10 minutes to 30 seconds showcases the efficiency gains achievable with Mastercam.

A Community of Expertise and Support

The Mastercam Forum stands out as an invaluable resource for NOVO's machinists, offering a platform for advice and knowledge sharing among a vast user base. This community support is instrumental in tackling the unique challenges that arise in NOVO's diverse projects, ensuring that even the most unconventional specifications can be met with confidence.

Looking Ahead

NOVO Engineering's success story is a testament to the power of integrating advanced CAD/CAM software like Mastercam into the prototyping and development process. As we continue to explore innovative applications of Mastercam in various industries, stay tuned for our next blog post, which will highlight another case study demonstrating Mastercam's role in transforming manufacturing and design practices.

For a deeper dive into NOVO Engineering's journey with Mastercam, visit the original article here.

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