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Mastering PartSupply: Unlock Over 56 Million 3D Components for Your SOLIDWORKS Projects

Struggling to find the ideal 3D component for your designs, only to be disappointed with subpar, inaccurately dimensioned products? You're not alone in this frustration. The quest for reliable and high-quality 3D components often leads to a dead end, with some sources demanding fees and others offering free but questionable quality. However, there's a revolutionary solution within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform that can transform your SOLIDWORKS projects.

This article will guide you through the utilisation of the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace's PartSupply, a tool that redefines your approach to sourcing 3D components.

Understanding PartSupply

PartSupply stands out as a vast and intelligent database of free, sourceable 3D components, boasting over 56 million CAD files. This tool provides you access to a wide range of components from over 1,700 trusted suppliers. Whether it's fasteners, bearings, or parts in the mechanical, electrical, or electronic domains, PartSupply is your everyday resource.

The parts are downloadable in various formats, including STEP, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, and more, catering to a diverse range of industrial needs.

Navigating PartSupply in the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace on SOLIDWORKS Connected:

1. Starting with SOLIDWORKS

Begin by launching SOLIDWORKS. In the upper right corner, you'll find the Design Library. Click on it and select “3D Components – PartSupply”.

2. Component Searching: Categories or Catalogs

Tailor your search through categories like mechanical, electrical, automotive, etc., or dive into specific supplier catalogues such as 3M or 2J antennas. You can also search directly by the component's name.

3. Finding a Specific 3D Component

For instance, if you're looking for a USB Type C Connector, simply enter "USB" in the search. You'll get a list of 20 components, from which you can select based on your needs. The options to Open, Insert, or Replace the component enhance the flexibility of the tool.

Additionally, PartSupply allows you to bookmark components for quick reference, compare them side by side, and use drag-and-drop functionality for effortless integration into various applications.

Before finalising your choice, review the component using tools like 3D Play or Image Viewer.

4. 3D Shape-Based Search

If you prefer a visual approach, drag and drop a file from your computer directly into the PartSupply window. The system will suggest similar products based on the 3D shape of your component.

5. Refining Search with 6WTags

To further hone your search, use the 6Wtags (what, who, where, how, when, & why) to filter results, leveraging PartSupply's advanced search capabilities.

Additional Resources

To deepen your understanding of the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace and PartSupply, visit the following:


The PartSupply feature within the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace is a transformative tool for SOLIDWORKS users. Offering access to an extensive library of over 56 million sourceable 3D components from more than 1,700 suppliers, all within the SOLIDWORKS environment, it significantly enhances the design process. This tool not only improves productivity and efficiency but also simplifies the task of comparing, selecting, and integrating 3D components into your assembly. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can begin leveraging PartSupply on SOLIDWORKS Connected immediately. Experience the difference it brings to your design workflow by providing a streamlined, efficient way to source the perfect 3D components.

Embrace the power of PartSupply in the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace and revolutionise your approach to sourcing 3D components in SOLIDWORKS. With this tool at your disposal, you're well-equipped to enhance your productivity, refine your designs, and elevate the quality of your projects.

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