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Securing Your Engineering Data: Why Cloud-Based Solutions are Safer than You Think

Discover the Tools and Features Behind Cloud-Based Solutions and Learn to Store and Share Your Data Worry-Free!

Are you concerned about the security of your engineering data? With the rise of cloud-based applications, many people question how secure they really are compared to traditional on-premise software. It can be daunting to think about entrusting sensitive data to servers that you can't physically see or control.

However, the reality is that cloud-based solutions are often much more secure than on-premise solutions. In fact, many experts consider cloud-based solutions to be the safer option, as they typically have stronger security measures in place than most individual companies can afford to implement.

If you're still sceptical, you're not alone. But there are resources available to help you understand the security features behind cloud-based solutions, and how they can help keep your engineering data safe. One such resource is an upcoming free webinar that will give you a detailed look at the tools and features that make cloud-based solutions so secure.

During the webinar, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Discover how the tools and features behind a cloud-based solution work with real case studies and reports.

  • Learn how to safely store and share data in one secure, collaborative space, iterate, and innovate in real-time.

  • Ask any questions you may have live to SOLIDWORKS experts.

This is a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of how cloud-based solutions can help you secure your engineering data, and how you can take advantage of the benefits they offer. The webinar will be held online on

📅 Wednesday 10th May

⏱️ 10 AM UTC+02:00

📌 Book your seat now to ensure that you don't miss out.

It's important to stay informed about the latest security measures and technologies available to you, especially when it comes to sensitive data like engineering data. With the right tools and knowledge, you can feel confident that your data is safe and secure, no matter where it's stored. So why not take advantage of this free webinar and start learning today?

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