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An Advanced Manufacturing CAD/CAM Software

Mastercam provides cutting-edge CAD/CAM software and solutions to address global manufacturing issues. All of our data-driven solutions are intuitive and simple to use, with a wide range of capabilities designed to maximize efficiency and handle even the most challenging tasks. Mastercam offers complete production software tools and support for industrial and educational users, spanning across a wide range of industries.

One common Metrology Platform for 3D Measuring Devices  

Verisurf is a software company that specializes in metrology, inspection, and reverse engineering solutions. Their software is used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy, and manufacturing to ensure the accuracy of parts and components through precise measurement and analysis. Verisurf's tools enable users to perform tasks such as dimensional analysis, 3D scanning, CAD comparison, and automated inspection, helping companies improve quality control processes and reduce production errors.

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