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Model-Based Inspection &
Measurement Software

One common Metrology Platform for all 3D Measuring Devices


See the difference Verisurf can make in your manufacturing.

Manufacturers require more reporting, traceability, and continuity of data than ever before. Intelligent 3D CAD models are now the standard design authority in manufacturing and continue the digital thread throughout manufacturing.

Verisurf metrology software lets you see the difference between the nominal CAD design and the finished machine part in real-time. Perfect for fast, in-process first article or automated production inspection that improves your manufacturing enterprise.

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Model-Based Definition for precise quality processes.

Work with any CAD format and measure with any device.

Fast measurement platform for profitable manufacturing.

Verisurf 2023 - Your Partner to Mission Success

Verisurf 2023 release has more power for complex CMM programming, advanced mesh features, and directly applied MBD in CMM programs.

Verisurf 2023 includes more new functions and refinements to existing features. Contact us for a live or online demonstration or with your questions.


Verisurf 2023 is another new release driven by our customers, partners, and professionals facing new measurement challenges in the real world. 


Watch all the What's New Videos:


Dynamic Edge Points

  • Simplifies CMM inspection of thin parts that vary from nominal form

  • Create points interactively or snap to discrete points

  • Supports both 3 and 5-axis probing systems


MBD Inspection Balloons

  • Automatically adds balloons to GD&T callouts and dimensions in the CAD model

  • Applied in inspection plans and reports

  • Control balloon numbering through tree order

  • Streamlines FAI-type reporting


MBD from 3D Annotations

  • Automatically converts 3D annotations to associative MBD

  • Simplifies plan creation from MBD

  • Supports annotations from numerous CAD platforms


New Mesh Utilities

  • Tri Mesh – helps with long, sliver triangles creating uniform triangles

  • Flatten Mesh – creates a flat pattern from 3D shape, includes info on the transformation

  • Expanded mesh information and colouring


Measure Cloud Object

  • Simplifies cloud measurement through dedicated controls

  • Makes scanner filter-controls available in measure settings

  • New post filter enables smoothing


Datum Modifier Support

  • Supports datum modifiers for position and profile callouts

  • Automatically configures the DRF alignment

  • Simplifies analysis of callouts with simultaneous requirements


Knuckle and Star Probe Rendering

  • Provides a realistic, graphical representation of the probe

  • Works with all knuckle and star-probe configurations

  • Supports both 3 and 5-axis probing systems


Intelligent Plan from MBD

  • Intelligently groups features and assigns tolerance values

  • Automatically recognizes simultaneous requirements

  • Simplifies reporting of complex GD&T callouts


MBD Inspection Balloons

  • Streamlines reverse engineering using clouds and meshes

  • Automatically closes splines and creates edge splines (on cropped meshes)

  • Lock plane enables projection of cloud slices


New coarse and Smooth Refine

  • Provides greater control over mesh refinement

  • Subdivision retains mesh geometry with an increase in triangle count

  • Loop division increases both triangle count and mesh smoothness


MBD Inspection Balloons

  • New Auto-Align features to improve the accuracy of scan data alignment

  • Prioritized data selection streamlines the alignment

  • Fitted-feature objects are saved to the data tree

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