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Maximizing Efficiency with the Sprocket Add-In for Mastercam

One of the key features of the Sprocket Add-In is the ability to customize the geometry of your sprocket by choosing parameters such as the number of teeth, the roller diameter, and the pitch. To help you make these choices, the Add-In includes a chart of dimensions for standard chains used with sprockets, including ANSI and Cycle chains.

To create a sprocket with the Sprocket Add-In, you can specify the number of teeth in the gear, which causes the outside diameter, root diameter, fillet radius, roll diameter and roll measurement to be recomputed. You can also choose the pitch, which is the distance between the centre points of adjacent roller arcs. The Add-In can create geometry for the complete sprocket or for only a single sprocket tooth, depending on your needs.

Another important parameter is the roller diameter, which specifies the diameter of the roller's arc. You can also choose the tip fillet radius, which is the radius of the fillet connecting the top land to the involute.

To give you a better idea of how the Sprocket Add-In works in practice, our CNC machinist has created a video showcasing the tool. In the video, you can see how to use the Add-In to create a custom sprocket with specific dimensions and features, and how to generate toolpaths for cutting the part on a CNC machine.

If you're interested in creating gears and sprockets with greater ease and efficiency, the Sprocket Add-In for Mastercam might be just what you need. Check out our video and give it a try!

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