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Verisurf Blog Series - Part 5: Tool Building with Verisurf Build

Verisurf Build is designed for tool building and inspection tasks, allowing users to create or inspect moulds, fixtures, and other tools. In this post, we'll cover how to use Verisurf Build to create or inspect tooling, including how to align the tooling, measure critical features, and perform GD&T analysis.

One of the first steps in using Verisurf Build is to align the tooling. Verisurf Build includes tools for aligning the tooling to a CAD model or reference geometry. This ensures that measurements are taken in the correct orientation and position.

Once the tooling is aligned, users can begin taking measurements. Verisurf Build includes a variety of measurement tools, including those for measuring features such as holes, slots, and surfaces. The software also includes tools for performing GD&T analysis, allowing users to ensure that the tooling meets the required specifications.

After measurements have been taken, users can perform an analysis of the data collected. Verisurf Build includes tools for comparing measured data to CAD models, performing statistical analysis, and generating reports.

Overall, Verisurf Build is a powerful software for tool building and inspection tasks, offering a range of features and capabilities to support accurate and efficient metrology. With its support for alignment, measurement, and GD&T analysis, Verisurf Build is ideal for organisations looking to create or inspect tooling.

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