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Designing and Machining a Mag Wheel using SOLIDWORKS and Mastercam

An expert guide to creating a precise and durable mag wheel

In the world of automotive engineering, the mag wheel has become a ubiquitous feature of high-performance cars. The lightweight yet strong design of mag wheels makes them an essential component for any racing or high-speed vehicle. In this blog post, we will explore the process of designing and machining a mag wheel using two powerful software tools: SOLIDWORKS and Mastercam.

Part 1: Designing the Mag Wheel in SOLIDWORKS

The first step in creating a mag wheel is to design it in SOLIDWORKS. This 3D modelling software is ideal for designing complex shapes and structures with precision and accuracy. Our CNC machine expert - Adriaan Te Brugge - demonstrates how to create the mag wheel by using various tools and features in SOLIDWORKS.

The design process involves creating a rough sketch of the mag wheel's basic shape and then adding details such as spokes, holes, and fillets. The expert also shows how to use the mirror tool to create symmetrical shapes on both sides of the wheel. Once the design is complete, it's time to move on to the next step: machining.

Part 2: Machining the Mag Wheel in Mastercam

Mastercam is a CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) software that allows you to program and control CNC machines to create precise and accurate parts. In this step, our expert shows how to import the SOLIDWORKS design into Mastercam and use it to create a tool path for machining the mag wheel.

Adriaan demonstrates how to select the appropriate cutting tools and set the machining parameters to achieve the desired finish and accuracy. He also explains how to use various machining techniques such as roughing, finishing, and drilling to create the mag wheel.

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