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Verisurf Blog Series - Part 2: Basic Measurement Tasks with Verisurf Measure

Verisurf Measure is the entry-level version of the Verisurf software, designed for basic measurement tasks. In this post, we'll walk readers through some of the key features of Verisurf Measure, including how to set up a measurement plan, take measurements with different devices, and perform a basic analysis of the data collected.

One of the first steps in using Verisurf Measure is to set up a measurement plan. This involves defining the part or assembly to be measured, selecting the appropriate measurement device, and creating a plan for taking measurements. Verisurf Measure includes templates and wizards to help guide users through this process.

Once the measurement plan is set up, users can begin taking measurements using the selected device. Verisurf Measure supports various measurement devices, including CMMs, laser trackers, and portable arms. The software provides real-time feedback to help ensure accurate measurements.

After measurements have been taken, users can perform a basic analysis of the data collected. Verisurf Measure includes tools for comparing measured data to CAD models, performing basic geometric analysis, and generating reports.

While Verisurf Measure is designed for basic measurement tasks, it still offers a range of powerful features and capabilities to support accurate and efficient metrology.

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