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Elevating Version Control: Mastering Extended Revision Sequences

Unlocking Precision and Customization with 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

By Nikhil Naikade

Revision management involves tracking changes made to a product design throughout its lifecycle. Traditional revision schemes typically include alphanumeric codes such as A, B, C, and so on. However, as products become more complex and collaborative processes evolve, extended revision schemes become essential for providing a more nuanced and detailed approach to version control.

We all know 3DEXPERIENCE Platform offers- Primary (A, B, C, etc) & Primary and Secondary (A.1, A.2, B.1, etc) revision schemas but granular versioning & customization for Complex Products requires more diversity to tailor the systems of various business processes.

In this technical blog, we delve into the process behind the adoption of extended revision schemes present in 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. For doing this we’ll use a Jason file – an open standard file & data interchange format that use text to store and transmit data objects consisting of attribute–value pairs and arrays.

Login to the platform administrator dashboard & look for the Revision naming rules present in the content tab. Here in ‘Naming rules’ section we can see all the types of objects that support revisioning. Let’s focus on the physical product for our example.

Now in the Revision Naming Rules go to Extended Revision Sequences Declaration.

Here’s where you need to upload the customized Jason file edited by any text editor viz. Notepad++, etc. Jason file syntax will essentially look like this-

{“name”: “SequenceInit”,

“title”: “Finite sequence”,

“mode”: “sequence”,

“init”: [“-“, “–“, “—“, “seq” , “A” , “B” , “1” , “2” , “company” , “plane”]

You will be able to download pre-defined examples of such syntax, parameter name, description & customize it as per your need from the 3DEXPERIENCE User assistance. Kindly follow the path below or click on this link:

Now you can edit the syntax of the Jason file in any open text editor with the customized syntax of your requirement.

Once done import the edited Jason file inside 3DEXPERIENCE Platform from the revision naming rules section.

Now deploy & apply the recently configured revision sequence for the platform. You will find the same name appearing as per the title defined in syntax

Now let’s validate & monitor the revision scheme inside any authoring application of 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. We’ll test it inside Product structure editor.

Click on New Product & the system will auto assign the first base revision to it.

Thus the new revision sequence gets generated as per your customization.

Now click on the Revision ‘-.1’ in order to generate multiple revisions in same manner.

Thus the newer revisions follow the same sequence in very manner as it continues.

By offering a flexible, customizable, and automated approach to revision management, 3DEXPERIENCE Platform empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of modern product development with added advantages like:

  • Multi-level Revisioning

  • Lifecycle Integration

  • Configurable Workflows

  • Adaptability to Varied Business Processes

  • Cross-functional Alignment

  • Compliance with Industry Standards

The capabilities of ‘Extended Revision Schemes’ in 3DEXPERIENCE Works governance solution offers a robust solution for managing the intricacies of design evolution and maintaining control over the product development lifecycle & represents a significant leap forward in version control and collaboration within the realm of PLM.

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