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Master the 2D Swept Add-In for Enhanced CNC Machining with Mastercam

Are you looking to improve your CNC machining capabilities with Mastercam? In this blog post, we will explore the 2D Swept Add-In, a powerful tool that can enhance and extend Mastercam's functionality. Our CNC machine expert has created an informative video tutorial, which will walk you through the process of using the 2D Swept Add-In to create efficient toolpaths. So, let's dive in!

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the 2D Swept Add-In in Mastercam:

  1. Create a model: Start by designing the model you want to machine using Mastercam's powerful CAD features.

  2. Select the entities and hide unselected entities: Choose the necessary entities for generating the toolpath, and hide all unselected entities to simplify the toolpath selection process.

  3. Create the toolpath: Sweep one boundary along a second contour by selecting the across contour and the along contour, followed by their intersection point.

  4. Open the Toolpath Manager: After successfully creating the toolpath, open the Toolpath Manager to manage your operations.

  5. Create roughing and finishing operations: Copy and paste the first operation, adjusting the stock to leave in the roughing operation for optimal machining results.

  6. Customize settings with the 2D Swept Add-In: Press Alt + C to open the Add-In user application files, and adjust the depth of cuts, starting and endpoint of the Z-axis, and more based on your tool plane of choice.

  7. Verify the toolpaths: Once you have successfully added the roughing passes, verify the toolpaths to ensure they are accurate and efficient.

The 2D Swept Add-In for Mastercam is a powerful tool that can help streamline your CNC machining process and improve your overall workflow. Be sure to follow our LinkedIn page and YouTube channel for more valuable tips, tricks, and tutorials!

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