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Mastercam Add-Ons Deep Dive: Enhancing Capabilities in Multiaxis and Beyond

In the first part of our series, we explored some of the key Mastercam Add-Ons, delving into their unique functionalities and applications. Continuing this journey, we now turn our attention to five more Add-Ons, each bringing its own set of features to enhance the Mastercam experience.

5-Axis Curve Machining

This Add-On serves as an excellent entry point into the realm of multiaxis machining. It’s compatible with nearly any 5-axis machine, offering pre-defined and rigorously tested cutting strategies. 5-Axis Curve Machining is synonymous with safety, providing logical tool motion, smooth transitions, and robust vector control – crucial for parts demanding intricate toolpaths and heightened tool axis control.

The key advantage of 5-Axis Curve Machining lies in its approach to engaging with the stock material, and maintaining controlled and safe toolpaths over dynamic or complex curves. The outcome? Parts with superior surface finishes and significantly reduced cycle times.

Mastercam Aplus®

Shifting focus to additive manufacturing, the Mastercam Aplus® by CAMufacturing Solutions is an additive manufacturing kit integrated into the familiar Mastercam interface. It caters to direct energy deposition (DED) 3D printing, allowing for programming, backplotting, and simulation in a manner akin to traditional machining. This fusion of additive and subtractive processes opens up new possibilities for hybrid machining.

Ideal for R&D, repair work, and standard production, Aplus is a boon for sectors like education, aerospace, defence, and energy. It streamlines the transition from prototype to machined part, all within the same software environment.

Blade Expert

Specialising in bladed parts such as compressor wheels, impellers, propellers, turbine blades, and blisks, Blade Expert simplifies what are otherwise complex programming tasks. It automates the machining process by dividing it into distinct stages – each stage receiving tailored, stock-aware cutting strategies.

Blade Expert finds its niche in 5-axis applications across automotive, aerospace, and marine industries. Its user-friendly interface, consistent with Mastercam's multiaxis toolpaths, allows for easy adoption with minimal training.


ProDrill caters to the needs of drilling routines for models with complex, varied, or numerous holes. It offers versatility, allowing users to either automate the identification of drill forms and apply strategies or to tailor every phase to their specific machining style. This Add-On enhances efficiency by optimising tool plane rotation and reducing unnecessary tool movements.

ProDrill is widely used in industries like moldmaking, aerospace, and high-volume shops, excelling in a variety of drilling operations. Its capacity to generate predefined, repeatable operations significantly cuts down cycle times in high-production settings.

File Translators

The File Translators Add-On broadens Mastercam's compatibility, enabling users to work with virtually any CAD file provided by customers. It seamlessly imports files into Mastercam's CAD platform for further modelling and editing, ensuring no data loss and a smooth transition to the CAM interface for toolpathing.

Supported file types include Alibre Design, AutoCAD®, Autodesk® Inventor™, CATIA™, Creo®, KeyCreator®, Rhino, Siemens NX™, SOLIDWORKS®, SolidEdge, SpaceClaim®, and several others like IGES, STEP, STL, VDA, ACIS, and Parasolid®.

In conclusion, these five Mastercam Add-Ons significantly enhance the software's functionality, catering to a wide range of manufacturing needs. From the precise world of 5-axis machining to the innovative realm of additive manufacturing, these Add-Ons ensure that Mastercam users are equipped with the tools they need to excel in their respective fields.

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