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Mastercam Lathe Tutorial: How to Create a 2D Profile and Set up Stock and Chuck Jaws

If you're a CNC machinist using Mastercam Lathe software, you know how important it is to be able to create accurate and precise cuts. In this tutorial, we'll walk you through the process of creating a 2D profile and setting up stock and chuck jaws, all within Mastercam Lathe.

First, let's cover how to create a 2D profile from an existing model. You'll want to create the profile in the top view of the active WCS. The upper profile creates the top half of the profile, while the lower profile creates the lower half. The Full Profile option creates both halves of the profile at once. You can customise the toolpath and preview it to ensure that it achieves the desired shape and finish.

Next, we'll look at how to set up the stock. Under the stock setup tab, click on Properties to define the stock. You can use the "Make from 2 points" function to easily create stock, and you can add material to stock on the OD and faces with the Use Margin function checked. The proper stock setup is important for achieving accurate and repeatable machining results.

Finally, let's discuss how to set up the chuck jaws. The chuck jaws are the clamping mechanism that holds the workpiece in place during machining. You can define the position and clamping of the jaws by opening the Properties tab under the chuck jaws setup. The Grip Length function allows you to specify how much of the workpiece will be clamped by the jaws, which is important to ensure that the workpiece is held securely during machining and that the jaws do not interfere with the cutting tool.

To see these techniques in action, check out our video tutorial on Mastercam Lathe, where our CNC specialist demonstrates the steps and settings for each of these functions. This video is a valuable resource for any CNC machinist looking to improve their skills and achieve accurate and precise cuts.

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