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Mastering Efficiency in Design: Leveraging Instant3D in SOLIDWORKS

Discover how Instant3D can transform your design process, enhancing speed and precision from concept to completion.

Tech Tip Tuesday is back! The SOLIDWORKS Training Team has put together a collection of the most useful tips and tricks for our design software.


Today’s tip is all about pushing and pulling in SOLIDWORKS.

In this tutorial, we explore the efficiency of using Instant3D, a powerful tool in SOLIDWORKS, to expedite the transition from rough concepts to final designs.

Instant3D allows us to intuitively push, pull, and drag faces to reshape the geometry swiftly. It is invaluable for modifying underdefined faces and adjusting dimensions seamlessly.

The tutorial emphasizes the versatility of Instant3D, applicable to various design scenarios, offering a time-saving alternative for the early stages of the design process.

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We hope this tutorial helps you on your design journey! Check back every Tuesday for more SOLIDWORKS tips and tricks.

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