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Navigating Data Retrieval in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform: A Guide to Product Explorer

For many users transitioning from Desktop SOLIDWORKS to the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, a common query arises: How does one download data from the cloud to their local machines? Contrary to what some may believe, this process doesn't always require opening SOLIDWORKS and using the Pack & Go feature.

When you have SOLIDWORKS connected, you'll find an 'Export as Package' option for your top-level assembly (which includes child parts) after saving it in any collaborative space. This method, however, necessitates the launching of SOLIDWORKS to access your data, which might not always be the most convenient approach.

Enter the Product Structure Explorer. This tool streamlines the process of saving your CAD files from the cloud directly onto your local machines, through a series of straightforward steps. It's a feature available within the Collaborative Industry Innovator role, making it accessible whether you're utilising SOLIDWORKS Cloud-connected roles, the Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS, or 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS. Let's delve into how it works:

1. Starting with Product Explorer App: You can find this application under the Collaborative Industry Innovator role. Alternatively, search for the app in your compass and launch it. The Product Structure Explorer always initiates with "ENOVIA- 3D Navigate", enabling you to view your top-level assemblies and modify product structure as needed. As a best practice, it's advisable to save your files in the correct collaborative spaces and bookmark them for easy retrieval.

2. Accessing Cloud Content: Clicking on the 'Open Content' option will redirect you to 3DSearch, where 6W Tags become active. You can refine your search results using these 6WTags in the bookmark section and open all the content of the selected file.

3. Exporting Files: Once you've selected all necessary files, you can proceed to export them. The Tools tab offers an "Export As" option, allowing you to name the export file as you wish and include drawings. After a brief wait, a notification will inform you that your export file is ready.

Key benefits- 


  • Sharing your CAD data with external users & other members not on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is possible

  • Users can distribute Manufacturing Deliverables to shop floor machinists

4. Downloading Your Files: Following the notification, head to the "CAD Data Processing Monitor" to view the history of your exports and download the files you need. The files will be available in a .zip format, encompassing the entire assembly and its sub-components.

In summary, the Product Structure Explorer affords significant advantages such as the ability to share CAD data with external users and team members not on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and distributing Manufacturing Deliverables to shop floor machinists.

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